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Sewer Camera Training

Sewer Camera Inspections
Certification Class

If you are a Home Inspector who wants to:

protect your clients investment


increase your fee per transaction

This Training is for You!

Want to offer sewer camera inspections, but don’t know where to start?

Not sure what to look for or what you need to know?

Maybe you want to train new employees and it takes too long to get them trained.

We can help you get started NOW!

Increase you revenue per inspection

with an additional service!!!

Want to know how to sell your new service? 

We show you how to promote your new service

and get the agents selling it to their clients!

Join a live class from home!

You can join the Dallas training by Zoom! Engage, ask questions, and be part of the live discussions!

Now you can take the training from home at your own pace!

This is a one-day course
that will teach you how to start making more sales offering sewer video inspections to your clients!

  • One-day Course
  • Hands on Experience 
  • Issues to Identify
  • How to Create Reports
  • Presentation to Sell Your Service

Training Cost:



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Can't be at the training...

You can take the training online?

What you will get from this course.

1) Hands on experience with a sewer video camera! Use a camera and learn some tricks to get the video you need.

2) Learn about different pipe materials! Understand the types of pipes commonly used and what they look like.

3) Learn how to locate the sewer line access points! It's not always in the yard!

4) Learn how to use a Sonde Locator! So you found a problem, now you need to locate it.

5) Know what tools you will need! Having the right tool for the job is critical to getting the job done.

6) Increase your sales! Increase the price point per transaction.

7) Learn to sell the service on site! Making the up-sell while you are on the job with the client.

8) Stand out from your competition! Become the one stop shop for your clients.

9) Get more referrals! Become the company everyone is talking about.

10) Receive additional bonus gift items!

Bonus Gift #1

Receive a full ready to go Power Point Presentation to share in offices to launch your new service!

Bonus Gift #2

Teach you how to give a presentation that will impress your realtors to get you more referrals and more sales!

Additional Bonus!

Inspector Cameras is offering $100 off of a Scout 3-Pro Sewer Camera! Take the training and show your Sewer Camera Training Certificate of completion of the training to save when buying your sewer camera!

Now you can take the training from home at your own pace!

My first camera made me over $40,000 in the first 8 months! I financed my first camera and it paid for itself every month, and made me money! Don't leave money on the table. 
Istvan Zsako, New Mexico


I was delighted that I could spend the day with Istvan, as he was extremely knowledgeable about the sewer scope process and business opportunity. He did a great job bringing me up to speed with all aspects of sewer scope inspections. He is really efficient and he made the process easy to understand and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you!!!
Peter Sweeney, Ireland

Help your clients get the information they need!

Not only can you increase your sales, you can protect your clients by letting them know what is going on in the sewer line before they buy the house!

We will also be discussing:

> How to maintain and prevent damage to the sewer camera. 

> What to do when the clean out cap can't be removed. 

> What if there are no clean outs?

> How to safely access the sewer from the roof stack vent or the toilet.

> How to get over an offset in the pipe to get through the sewer line.

> And so much more!!!

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Have a small group or multiple employees and would like to schedule a group training for your company? Please contact us to set up a special date for your group to come and train or for us to bring the training to you!

The training was great!  Istvan showed us the basic procedures and allowed us to get some hands on experience.  He was great with answering our many questions and also provided us with information on the tools we’ll need and the various scope options. I’d highly recommend this education.  

Paul Staron, Arizona

Ever have a client call you after they buy the home blaming you for not telling them there was a

Problem with the Sewer Line...

Now they want you to pay $2,000-$10,000 for the repair to the sewer line!!!

The fear of this service increasing your liability is just fear!!!

You actually decrease your liability, while increasing your sales.

If your client declines the service, they made the decision not to know more about the sewer line!

If you have a home inspection company, adding this service will:

1. Increase your price per inspection!

2. Decrease your liability!

3. Get sales on transactions scheduled with other inspection companies that don't offer Sewer Video Inspections!

4. Make you the one stop shop for real estate agents and their clients!

“This service brings our company over $100,000 in sales every year!

Office Manager at Zsako Home Inspections

If you are ready to increase your sales, book your course now!

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Can't be at the training...

You can take the training online?

  • One-day Course
  • Hands on Experience 
  • Issues to Identify
  • How to Create Reports
  • Presentation for Promoting

All this for just:

was $495


"We know what adding this service has done for our business, and guarantee you will be asking yourself, "Why did I wait so long to start doing sewer camera inspections?"

Book your class now, to increase your sales!

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